Where it all started.

So, as already seen everywhere on the site, my name is Diederik de Zee, i'm a 21 year old guy from the Netherlands. I'm raised in a small village called Lochem in the province of Gelderland. I have had a lot of health issues during my life, when i was 7 it was finally discovered that i was an type 1 diabetic. On top of that, i always was the kid with some (mental) issues during my school period, which thanks to that i didn't have any close friends. That is what rolled me into the life of IT and ethical hacking and was the thing where i got my enjoyment from. When i was 10 years old, on my birthday, i got my first Acer laptop. The first thing i did was to take it apart and re-assemble it to learn from the inside out. I started playing games, watching youtube video's about building computers. That was and still is what brings me joy. 

When i was 12, i came in contact with my first linux system. It was an small Debian 5 VPS from Digital Ocean, back when they still had the single cpu core + 256MB memory plans. I instantly loved working with Linux based systems and graduately also became more familiair with ethical hacking/cyber security basics. That's where in 2014 i got into some bad situations, since i was active a lot on Hackforums for example. When i was 14 (2015), i built an DDoS for hire system, and ofcourse i got into a lot of trouble with law enforcement for that. I was arrested and stuck in a cell for some time on the police station. After a lot of interrogations and discussions, and after one court date, i fortunately came out ahead at the end and have a way better future now with no priors/records.

I focused from then on legitimate stuff: i started my own webhosting business, worked at local small game server hosters and when i was done with Middle school i immediately went out and got hired by Shock Media, the largest Managed Webhoster in the Netherlands. I learned a lot there, and was able to also roll myself in High Availability techniques and networking which i absolutely love. I'm fully inactive now in the Ethical Hacking scene but i learned a great deal from that period of my life still. Nowadays i work among the biggest organisations in the country, keeping their linux-based systems up and running.

If you want to learn my full experience, visit the 'Resume' page on my site.

 What am i doing currently.

I'm currently still working at Shock Media and am really busy on still improving myself. I'm now primairly learning the Golang programming language, and am busy building out Sitefast.net (AS210397), which has gotten quite out of hand as an hobby, but i love doing it and i am learning A LOT from running my own network. I love BGP. Thanks to others in the networking community, i'm really getting places with AS210397.

I'm also busy with exploring the world. I love travelling and new adventures, especially together with friends. Without my friend groups, i wouldn't be anywhere today.

 Future plans.

One of my plans is to travel, a lot. I want to explore the world and visit all the beautiful places, and meet new people and experience their cultures. One of my dreams still is to build out the largest non-profit / personal network and build the most peered with network in the world. I'm currently pursueing that last dream, it's rolling full steam ahead with routers in 3 locations now and being peered with large providers. 

I'm still very young as of writing this (21 years old), so i'm also looking into living with some friends in a house in the Netherlands right now as of writing this (June 2022).

 Seek discomfort.

This is the catch phrase i (want to) live by. It is also the brand of very famous youtubers "Yes Theory" - It also stands true for me and i was inspired by them. I love to experience new adventures, and put myself sometimes in a place which is uncomforting. Travelling to unknown destinations and making the best out of anything is lovely. In the bigger picture this applies also, every so often i really need to get out of my comfort zone to really come to terms with who i am, what i am doing and to find happiness again. It's also a way of coping with the hard world out there for me, and is part of my identity.